Who is Charlie?

Charlie was owner Billy LoRusso’s loyal dog when he started the garage in 1991. Charlie came into Billy’s life in quite a remarkable way. Billy’s family business involved the sale of crushed rock and stone. On a weekly schedule, the crew blasted rock on the property. One day in 1990, the crew was ready to blast. The holes were packed with dynamite, the wires were connected to the detonator button, the blasting mats were in place, and the air horn had been blown for the last time. Suddenly, someone yelled, “Stop!” A small brown dog was wandering around the wires. He was just a young dog, under a year old, and he had no collar or identification. Billy’s Uncle Bart brought the dog safely back to the office, Billy named the dog Charlie, and the two became inseparable. He was forever by his side, riding in his truck and keeping him company while he worked in the shop. When Billy established his official business, several people suggested he name the garage after his loyal companion and use the familiar picture of the dog with a wrench in his mouth as a logo. That picture was drawn of Charlie, and the rest is history!