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OIL CHANGE INTERVAL Diesel Engine by Hours - 250            Diesel Truck by Miles                                      Light Duty Truck   Local Use - 8,000-10,000                               Local - Highway - Conventional Oil - 5,000 Long Haul - 12,000-15,000                            Local - Highway - Synthetic Oil - 10,000+ With Centrifugal Filter - 20,000-30,000 EVERY LIGHT DUTY TRUCK PM  42 pt. Inspection (Bumper to Bumper) - Catch problems early to increase dependability and have lower repair cost. EVERY HEAVY DUTY TRUCK PM 64 pt. Inspection (Front to Back) - Increase dependability and extend the service life. FILTER SERVICE FOR HEAVY DUTY TRUCK       Engine Oil - Each PM       Primary Fuel Filter - Each PM       Air Filter - Every other PM       Cabin Filter - Each PM       Transmission Filter - Annually       DPF - Urea Filter - Annually  WHEEL ALIGNMENT Do annually to maximize tire life. DPF/SCR SYSTEM Monitor your regens and ensure dependable truck operation! Yellow Light - Service Regularly Red Light - Emergency Service DO NOT DELAY REPAIR!!! -  It will derate - reduced power, or it will not run at all. You will have to be towed!!! FUEL CONDITIONER Fall and winter months - Primary fuel or water separator replacement - do on time to prevent gel or wax condition. TRAILER PM'S Front to Back - Do every 3 months if used daily. OVERHEAD DOOR Inspect and Lube your overhead door or lift gate each PM for trouble-free service.
We got a new look! [ShopName] of [City], [State], has launched a new website. We understand that the web is taking over how our customers are looking for businesses and services. Our goal is to make sure that our quality truck repair services can be easily found on the web! Feel free to browse around our new website for the latest promotions, news, tips and advice.